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Losing the emotion of a character when writing is nerve-wrecking.

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Be sure to get She's Not Worthy - get all three #books and enjoy the fiction drama suspense of three stories in one. A delightful twist in every book that's sure to keep you flipping pages.

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Secrets revealed, false truths told and explicit love

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Wendy sets her mind on destroying the man she once loved, but not before his mother comes to stand in the gap.  As Sean attempts to block his ex antics, his mother Jamilah fights to keep a secret from being aired as she finds new love and handle his affairs. 

This book has what you're looking for and the life altering conditions of misunderstanding, sex and secrets are about to come out .  Catch up on the three part series of She's Not Worthy and unfold the reasons why this family is shaking things up.

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Well done is better than well said - B. Franklin

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Genre: Realistic Fiction 

Release Date: TBD

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 Three #book series

You cannot blame a mother for supporting her son when he needs it most against an overbearing woman who just can't let go.

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Jessie is a young lady who has everything to lose, through the course of finding out who she is.  As she uncovers the truth; she also unleashes trouble in her path.

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Being opened minded can leave you with a closed mind.  Just ask Bethany, a young lady who seeks love in all of the wrong places and ends up fighting for her life.  

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